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Grain Storage Product


Throughout the history of humankind, one of the major problems is having to share our grain with insects. Various methods have had different levels of success, but modern people thought they had the answer when they started manufacturing toxic, persistent and deadly chemicals.

At first it seemed to work, but two things began to happen. People began to develop illnesses from the residues of these chemicals left in the grain they used for food. Also, the insects began to develop immunity to any chemical, regardless of how toxic.

In 1962, the PERMA-GUARD COMPANY got a patent on the use of pure "food grade" Diatomaceous Earth, which, when added to grain killed the bugs that were present, and protected the grain from further invasions. And the bugs could not become immune, They were killed by physical action--not chemical !

Seven pounds of pure, "food grade" Diatomaceous Earth, added to the grain so that every kernel is coated, can protect the grain for as long as needed. Instead of retreating grain every six months as the chemical people do, Perma-Guard Grain Protectant need be added only once, regardless of how long the storage lasts.

When the grain is to be used, the Diatomaceous Earth can be easily removed, but need not be. Actually, since the product is "food grade," makes no difference in taste or in cooking quality, and adds 14 trace minerals, why not leave it in?

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1 cup of DE will protect 50 lbs of grain
5 lbs of DE will protect 300 lbs of grain
7 lbs of DE will protect 1500 lbs of grain or seeds
7 lbs of DE will protect 2000 lbs of grain or seed

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