October 17, 2005



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The Bird Flu


From Perma-Guard, Inc. Albuquerque, N.M. USA


Several years ago, a Canadian Doctor discovered that Diatomaceous Earth would stop

E-Coli poisoning immediately. This is a condition that normally kills people in about six days. The DE absorbs the toxin and the bacteria producing it and takes it out of the body.


I have eaten the DE for 16 years, and in all that time I have not had a cold or the Flu. Many times, I was aware that I had been in contact with people that were obviously sick with one or the other. I always, immediately after they left, I would wash my face and hands and take another dose of DE.  All my life, I always had a cold several times a year and many years had a bout of the flu. I am so grateful that I need not go through that any more.  A number of years ago my then secretary and her family of five went out to dinner one Friday Night. The Restaurant was over twenty miles from home, and by the time they got home, they realized they had food poisoning. My Secretary immediately took some DE but the rest would not take any.  The next morning she got up, feeling fine and came to work. The rest were sick for five days.


A Canadian veterinarian, using 2000 calves, discovered and proved that putting some DE in their daily food intake kept them from getting the Scours, a terrible form of Diarrhea that dehydrates the animals and many die. The DE absorbs the bacteria and the toxin produced by it and takes it out of the body.


It turns out this natural occurring product happens to be an essential nutrient and is totally non poisonous and has a very beneficial effect on the immune system, and maintained in the animal’s or bird’s or human’s diet, will help them maintain a high level of health. When fed to Dairy cows, they produce from 5 to 7% more milk, more than enough to pay the cost of the product, and their veterinarian bills drop around 70%. It destroys stomach and colon parasites with no side effects and flies cannot hatch out of the manure.  One Veterinarian did a test with 8000 chickens. Four thousand were fed their regular rations. The other had 2% DE added to their feed. The DE chicken’s death rate dropped 70%, they produced two full cases of eggs extra and the egg breakage dropped almost to zero.

Texas A & M did a test for the purpose of determining whether or not the DE was detrimental to the chickens. The results showed that it was not. Then they used a phrase that really surprised me.. It does not seem to be a scientific statement. It Stated:


The Diatomaceous Earth increased the “livability” of the birds and suggested that additional tests be run to determine why.


A cancer researcher, Galen Knight Ph D, is doing experimental work on horses with Melanoma, which is considered incurable by veterinarians. I understand he has not lost a horse, but will not work on any animal unless the animal has our product in his diet. His statement was:  “When you kill a cancer in the body, the residues are very toxic. It overloads the immune system, and the patient may die from the toxicity rather than from the cancer. Your product absorbs much of this toxicity, taking it from the body, backing up the immune system”.


We are a very small company, yet have become known world wide because of the benefits of this product. It has been carried around the world by WORD-OF-MOUTH.


We know we need numerous tests to back up what I have reported above and we are just getting to the point where we will begin to do this.  We have a tentative agreement with Idaho State University to run extensive tests on adding our product to dairy cows. We are working to get Texas A & M to run additional tests, and we have another tentative plan for some tests in Amarillo, Texas.  We have written this letter because we have seen and have had reports of amazing results of adding these products to any animal, bird and human diets without any negative results.


 This bird flu thing that is in the news is really frightening and we feel that this product should be tested. If possible, we would like to see the product added to chicken feed of birds that have not been infected and see whether or not it prevents their being infected.  We also would like to see it added to the feed of birds that have tested positive to see if there is any chance that it stops the progress of the disease.


The world has become very small and every person on the planet is at risk, and what a wonderful thing it would be if this simple, cheap, natural product could be a solution.


I want to caution that all Diatomaceous Earth deposits of DE are different. People seeing us selling truckloads around the world, and knowing the location of a deposit, start selling it and always go out of business. They know nothing of the product, the characteristics needed and never get the same results that come from; the use of our product called




We will cooperate to the extent of the ability of a very small company, with anyone wishing to see whether there is a way for this product to offer a solution to this very threatening problem.  If there is anything this company can do to facilitate a discovery process, we will do our best. There seems to be no proposed solution except destroying the birds and inoculating people. There has got to be a better, cheaper safer way. This could be it!






Wallace Tharp, Chairman of the Board